About us

Catapult Life Science will contribute to the activity and the value creation in Norway, by providing facilities and expertise for research-based product development.

Catapult Life Science is a multipurpose center where small and large companies can find equipment, space, infrastructure and expertise, so they can develop their products in Norway. We will bring industry expertise in product development, regulatory requirements and market needs to the University and the research community, by inviting the students and fellows, and collaborate with researchers for mutual exchange of knowledge. We will also work with production companies so that they can take over the products that have proven their potential, so that large-scale production will be conducted in Norway.

For the startup we have found suitable premises at Fornebu, to be near the leading Norwegian expertise within the life sciences, including the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. We think it is important that a center that will enable the first steps towards industrialisation is readily available for startup companies arising from this environment. In parallel, we are working for that a future Catapult Centre for Life Sciences shall be placed in the Ullevål-Gaustadbekkdalen area, in connection with the relocation of the major knowledge institutions there and the completion of the new Life Science building.

Initially, we will not be able to do everything. But we will start by setting up the facilities required to help our first customers. Not least by exploiting our knowledge network. Network Life Science Pilot will be closely linked to the center, and be a hotbed for new applications going to funding agencies nationally and internationally.


Astrid Hilde Myrset

General manager

Astrid is a trained biochemist with a PhD from the University of Oslo from 1991, and she has worked in the R&D department of Nycomed-Amersham-GE from 1994 to 2008 in various roles including project manager, knowledge manager and innovation leader. From 2008-2012 she was the general manager of the start-up company Omegatri, and from 2012 she has been director of the preclinical and clinical development in AlgiPharma.

Kristin M. Schoultz

Head of Drug Development and GMP production

Kristin graduated as a radiology chemist with a PhD from the University of Oslo and the University of Duke, Raleigh, NC in 1999. She worked in Nycomed-Amersham-GE from 1999 to 2010 in various roles, including managing side effects/clinical trials, quality assurance manager in all clinical phases and technology for large scale/commercial development. She was responsible for quality control at Clavis Pharma and from 2014 she was department director for biopharmaceutical production at NIPH.

Arne Wang Aabye

Head (interim) of technical process and product development, including API production

Arne graduated as a civil engineer in organic chemistry from NTH in 1989, and has worked in research and development in Nycomed-Amersham-GE from 1998 in various roles and is still there today. He has worked with drug development, process development and industrialization, in many cases in close cooperation with GE’s production environment at Lindesnes.

The Board

Bjørn-Einar Kihl

Bjørn-Einar Kihl


Bjørn Einar has a technology background (ETH Zurich) and has worked the last 15 years in the Venture industry, both in renewable energy and the telecom sector, and has first-hand experience with product development and commercialization in international markets. His previous job was in Hafslund Ventures, and he has therefore been involved in numerous start-up companies as an investor/CEO and/or chairman.

Marius Øgaard

Marius Øgaard

Director of Innovation, Oslotech

Marius has a background in technology and product development from ICT and the aerospace industry, with experience in sales and business development of markets globally. He has since 2009 worked on projects related to innovation, entrepreneurship and cluster development, and participated in the creation of Oslo Medtech. In 2014, he initiated and edited the BioVerdi report – a report on the future of Norwegian bioeconomy – in collaboration with 50 leaders from industry and the public sector. Marius is the founder and general manager of the cluster organization The Life Science Cluster, TLSC.

Erik Agner

Erik Agner

Founder and CEO of Polypure AS

Erik graduated as a peptide chemist with a PhD from the University of Linkoping, and with experience from Nycomed/Amerhsam Health. Through his work, Erik realised the need for pure, high-quality products for pharma and biotech. From 1999 he has established Polypure as a leading provider of monodisperse PEG products for various applications.

Bente Tange Harbø

Bente Tange Harbø

Sector Manager, IFE Isotope Laboratories

Bente is currently the sector director and heads the Isotope laboratories at IFE. The sector has about 130 employees and accounts for approximately 1/3 of IFE’s sales. Bente is Cand.Pharm from the University of Oslo with a major subject in Galenic Pharmacy and graduated from the ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zurich) postgraduate program in radio pharmacy. She worked for 11 years in Weifa with tablet formulation and upscaling, and has experience from pharmacy and drug classification / statistics at the NMD / WHO Collaborating Center for Drug Statistics. Since 2001, she has worked at the IFE Isotope laboratories with the development, production and distribution of radioactive drugs. She had a role as QP in the period 2003 to 2013.

Rudie Spooren

Rudie Spooren

Director of Materials and Nanotechnology Research at the SINTEF Foundation

Rudie trained as a physicist at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, and graduated with a PhD from NTNU. He has worked as a researcher in materials technology at SINTEF from 1993-2004. He has been the SINTEF Research Director since 2004 and currently heads the Department of Materials and Nanotechnology with just under 100 employees. He has experience in entrepreneurship and is a member of several corporate boards.

Bjørn Fuglaas

Bjørn Fuglaas

General Manager, GE Healthcare AS

Bjørn currently serves as General Manager of GE Healthcare AS, the Life Sciences operation of GE Healthcare in Norway. He has several years of global management experience, with special focus on Norway, US & UK and he has spent his career in the high tech pharmaceutical industry in a variety of management roles, including R&D and discovery & portfolio strategy, Technology Collaboration, Technology Assessment, external communications, global IT as well as real estate & support functions, EHS and indirect sourcing. He is actively working to promote the Life Sciences industry in Norway as “growing” industry area for a high competence country.

Owners: Oslotech AS, SINTEF Holding AS, Diatec Monoclonals AS, Polypure AS, Sanivo Pharma AS, SurViva AS, Kristin Merete Schoultz, Arne Wang Aabye