Product development

Catapult Life Science can offer expertise and equipment for development of various health and drug products. We have EX-facilities and equipment for chemical synthesis up to 60 litres scale in our process lab, and a very experienced chemical product development staff. We can also offer bacterial fermentation on a similar scale, as well as equipment for freeze-drying, spray drying and granulation on a kilogram scale. We also have analytical capabilities, including for quality control (QC)- and microbiology.  

Catapult Life Science works closely together with partners with complimentary competence in our network Life Science Pilot, to assist both small and big players with specialised expertise for each stage of product development. This includes regulatory advice for drugs or medical devices, dialogue with The Norwegian Medicines Agency, as well as defining requirements and establishing the required documentation for the product.

For efficient development of new biotech products and drugs, understanding of the requirements relevant for the various phases of the product development is crucial. In parallel it is important to minimise cost without compromising the quality. We will assist our clients in introducing appropriate quality in product development from an early stage to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.